Hardcopy 2018: Canberra here I come!

I’m thrilled to announce that with my YA fantasy novel, TAMED, I’ve been selected as a participant in HARDCOPY 2018. This is a very exciting opportunity with writers from around Australia applying for only 30 places (plus this year 10 digital places).



Run in Canberra each year, HARDCOPY is a six-month national professional development program that helps emerging Australia writers develop their manuscripts, learn about how the Australian publishing industry works, and have the opportunity to meet with high-profile agents and publishers.

HARDCOPY aims to develop writers who will have longevity as Australian writers.

HARDCOPY is underpinned by the principle of pragmatic optimism: being aware of the challenges, but also being positive about the future.

If you’d like to read more about HARDCOPY you can see the website here. HARDCOPY runs every year with fiction and non-fiction development courses offered in alternate years.

While attending HARDCOPY doesn’t guarantee writers publication, it does offer a wonderful opportunity to meet with agents and publishers (as well as making writer friends!). The list of writers who have been successful attendees at HARDCOPY is long, and includes Sarah Vincent (read her experience here), fantasy writer Sam Hawke, Bill Wilke (read his experience here), Michelle Scott Tucker (read here).

Round one is run over two long weekends, the first, the manuscript development intensive, is in May. I’m looking forward to it!

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