Thank You


I felt it was important somewhere on my blog to have a page to offer thanks. Thank you for my wonderful life, my beautiful children, my family, my freedom. Thank you for this amazing digital age we live in, for connecting me with likeminded people all over the globe. Thank you for intelligence, resilience, tenacity, education and opportunities. Thank you for joy, for love, for laughter, for friends.

Often, we forget to say thanks. We take these things for granted.

And to you, who has stopped by this page, thank you. Words are nothing without a home; they are nothing if they do not reach across time and space and find someone who connects with them. Without you, this blog would be meaningless, these words would be empty, and the goodwill and hope I send out in the writing of them would have no place to go.

Thank you.



Count Your Blessings…Every Day

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