My first week as a full-time (part-time) writer…


It’s a sad/happy/emotional/awesome week this week.

My smallest child went off to school for the first time for the whole school day on Monday. She left me in the playground with a hug, a smile and a wave. School is going to suit her down to the tips of her shiny new black shoes – she’s going to have a wonderful time, make friends and learn so many new things (these are the three ‘jobs’ I tell my kids they have each day at school: learn, make friends, have fun).

It’s sad to close the chapter on my life of pushing her around the supermarket in the middle of the day to her running commentary, of stopping for ‘coffee’ breaks together (hot chocolate for her!), and just hanging out. But she’s going to have so much fun. That’s the awesome/happy bit.

There’s so many goodbyes in motherhood. It’s an endless string of ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’. The house will be much quieter without her. That’s the sad/emotional bit.

The plus side of a house without children though is that I am finally a full-time (part-time) writer. 5 days of 9:15am through to 2:45pm to write (and fit in all the house chores and grocery shopping and my new promise to myself to exercise!). I’m hoping for 4 hours per day of writing. That should be enough to get down words consistently, finish the novel I’m now working on, and get it out to agents/publishers this year. That’s my goal. So far, I’m on track.

Of course, the other awesome plus side of being a full-time (part-time) writer is that I can still pick my kids up from school every day and drop them off every morning. (I feel so completely blessed that I am able to do this!) And we’ve still got the weekend, mornings and afternoons to hang out and have fun.

This year is going to be a good one!

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