Fabulously Creative Workshop with Walter Mason


Walter Mason


Today, I had the pleasure to attend a 3-hour workshop with Walter Mason, aptly named ‘Fabulously Creative.’ Part writing workshop and part inspiration session, Walter and his course were both, indeed, fabulous!

I’m generally wary of free classes, mostly because I’m not sure how much I’ll get out of them, and I hate to waste the time I could have spent writing. I’d heard a lot of great things about Walter though and was looking forward to getting a few kernels or ideas that I could take with me into my current projects. I was really impressed just how much I got out of this short workshop – definitely more than just a few ideas!

Walter is a dynamic teacher and his enthusiasm for writing is infectious. After introductions, he began with his own list of inspirational historical writers (writers who were often scandalous, but always noteworthy), and asked participants to come up with their own list of 5 living inspirational figures. It was hard. I’m still working on mine.

Mindset and attitude were also addressed; turning your fears of failure around, and never being afraid to dream big. Walter espoused the idea that there is an energy to being fabulous; by pushing yourself to do amazing, noteworthy things, and to take chances (or as I’ve heard another of my favourite authors, Kate Forsyth say – be brave!)

He lauded the value of immersing yourself in your writing – to keep a notebook and a diary, to capture ideas in words, and to snatch writing time whenever you find it. He talked about knowing your genre and what international writing prizes you might want to put on your wish-list (dream big, remember!)

All in all it was a great workshop and if you see a course Walter is teaching I’d highly recommend it. My main takeaway:

Fabulousness is doing what you love, and not giving a damn what strangers think.


Don’t just take my word for how enjoyable to workshop was. Here’s what Robin at Write or Wrong had to say about the day:


You can check out Walter’s blog and books here: http://www.waltermason.com/ or follow him on twitter at: @walterm

If you need some inspiration, it is well worth catching Walter at his next event. He’s running another Fabulously Creative workshop at Sutherland Library May 7th 2016. Walter is also running a course at the NSW Writers’ Centre starting 20th March called Creative Groove.


  1. Thank you so much for this. He sounds amazing and like someone who could invigorate a crowd and tickle the imagination. I’m heading over to his blog to read more.

  2. Loved this post and the attitudes it inspires. First rule of anything in life: Do what you love. Well, it does happen to be fact that what strangers think does matter, if you need to make money doing what you love. But if you’re not doing what you love to begin with…what a waste of a lifetime…I think chasing joy is making a gift to God with your life. If we focus on making money primarily, we lose out overall. Still, it’s nice that he makes money pursuing this wonderful career!

    1. Walter’s viewpoint regarding not worrying about what others think was more in the context of resilience and personal drive. As writers, we get a lot of rejections, a lot of ‘no’s’, and have to be prepared for bad reviews etc. Nothing we could write could ever please everybody, so as you say, if you do what you love and write what you love, that shines through – you’ll attract people who love your work, and don’t worry about the others! And yes, isn’t it the dream to make enough money to write full-time, travel the world and have fun doing it!

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