7 Ways To Create Memorable Minor Characters

Great article on easy ways to bring minor characters to life:

You Write Fiction

Believe it or not, minor characters can be some of the most memorable. That being said, they don’t get a lot of exposure, so it can be tricky to flesh them out to be vibrant and fun. Here are seven practical strategies to accomplish just that:

Name minor characters

Don’t settle for ‘the rich lady in heels.’ Give minor characters a name to automatically bring their identity to the next level.

Caricaturize minor characters

Minor characters won’t be super developed, so it’s okay to caricaturize one or two of their traits to enhance their stage presence.

Give minor characters recognizable physical traits

Unique physical distinctions are an easy way of making minor characters a little more memorable, and can provide for humor, intrigue, curiosity, etc.

Showcase minor characters multiple times

If you introduce a minor character in chapter three, why not have her make a second appearance in chapter fourteen? She’s a…

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