Ten Eleven Ideas for Revising a Novel

A fantastic blog on ways to attack
the dreaded second draft!

Claire Fuller

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how get the first draft of a novel completed, and now I’m writing about how I and some other writers go about revising that draft. I’m talking about working on the big changes – those whopping great plot holes or characters that disappear half-way through; polishing and tweaking will have to wait for a third post. And please do comment below with any other ideas.

  1. Give yourself a break from the manuscript. If you’re working to a deadline or you’re a very impatient person like me, this is easier said than done. I often don’t manage more than a couple of weeks before I’m back tinkering. But Vanessa Lafaye, author of Summertime has it right: “When I finish my first draft I’m so immersed in the story that I’m myopic. I have to walk…

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