1. I agree, Charles! I must say though, that we’re all allowed that moment after we finish our first draft when we think our work is amazing. So long as we then get on with the job of editing.

      1. Definitely a moment. There’s that pride of finishing and feeling like the story came out the way you wanted it to. Then you remember how often you type ‘form’ instead of ‘from’ and mark a day to start editing. 🙂

  1. Even good writers can fall into a variation of this trap called the “Stephen King Effect.” It is where a good writer becomes so accomplished and famous that no one will edit him or her and he or she gets to publish exactly what write without any input from any other source.

  2. I’m going to be ornery and say no. Inexperienced writers may “think their work is good” and be rejected, but without the initial belief in oneself, no writer can ever get into print. As the work continues and skill grows, a writer no longer “thinks” their work is good. They KNOW it!

    1. You’re not being ornery at all Deb – you have a very valid point – and validation of a writer’s talent, be it by traditional publishing or indie success, or critical acclaim, must def help a writer believe their work must be good.

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