Game Of Thrones Exhibition, Sydney (Part 1) How Long Did You Queue?

The Queue.
The Queue.

Greetings Brave Adventurers,

The Game of Thrones Exhibition at Sydney’s MCA received a lot of news coverage for all the wrong reasons last week. While the exhibition itself was modest, the crowds were not, with wait times of up to 10 hours tweeted by some die-hard GOT Fans.

I was lucky enough to attend the exhibition (more about that a bit later on), and get the all-important photo on the Iron Throne. The interesting thing for me was that the first question anyone asked me about the exhibit was “How long did you queue?”

When you play the game of thrones, you queue or you die. (Or perhaps, you queue until you die)

 This is what the queue looked like when I got to the Exhibition on Thursday: (note this woman’s unbelieving expression which mirrored my own)

2014-07-03 11.44.06

Saturday (closing day) in particular saw plenty of unhappy fans, many who took to twitter to share their ire. And it wasn’t because they didn’t want to queue. The queue grew so long, that it was closed before the doors even opened at 10am, and fans were being turned away in droves.

Those who arrived early, and braved the marathon queue, (mostly) had positive things to say about the experience.

So how about you? Did you queue? How long? Did you think that was a reasonable time for the exhibition you saw?

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George R R Martin, ASOIAF 7 Book Box Set
George R R Martin, ASOIAF 7 Book Box Set


  1. I didn’t go but my friend spent 8 hours in line. She said the police were called because people were pushing in and things. It didn’t sound pleasant. That is such a long time to wait, I don’t think I would have had the patience.

      1. She finished a book while she was in line so she was happy about that, and yes once she was in she thought it was worth it.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me 😀
    And yes, I did in fact wait 8 hours. Nothing is worth waiting that long. Except maybe a free baby dragon. That’s worth waiting a long time for.
    Ultimately I don’t regret it, but wouldn’t do it again.

  3. I was luckier than most since I only waited 2.5 hours. I was watching the tweets on Tue (opening day) so I knew I had to get there early. I went the next day at 8am and the queue wasn’t that long yet. That said, my 8am arrival will be sooo late for the later days.
    Also, they gave away silicon mobile pockets with GoT Exhibition logo to the people in the queue. I’m not sure if they did that for the other days.
    I went with (dragged really) two friends who weren’t into the show and the wait was already interminable for them haha. For me 2.5 hours was nothing, since I really wanted to go but if I had been at the 4 hour mark, I know I wouldn’t last that long.

  4. I didn’t have to queue. There was a photowalk organized by Trey Ratcliff and Google, and I registered to attend. We go to go in an hour before they opened and do a photo tour. 😆

      1. Thank you! I enjoyed the exhibit, but I thought it was a bit small. If I had stood in that long queue to see such a small display, I would have been very disappointed.

      2. I agree, it was a very modest exhibition – not really worthy of the queues. Although as a fantasy lover it brightens my day to see so many die-hard fans of a fantasy series.

  5. I waited 4 hours which is actually better than others who queued for double that time but I wasn’t able to sit on the iron throne because by the time I got in, the exhibit was about to close which defeated the whole purpose… So was it worth it or not? I don’t really know but I would like to think it was haha

  6. I went on opening day Tuesday. Arrived at 1pm and lined up for 6 hours. Got into the exhibition at 7pm. They closed the line behind us at about 2:30pm so we saw a lot of people get turned away, especially those who thought they would come after work. I was surprised they were closing the line so early but as it turns out we only got in an hour before close so they made the right call to close it when they did. We also got given the mobile pockets during the afternoon. I was able to get my photo on the thrones and do the Wall experience so yep, it was worth it : )

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