Book Review: Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb


Book 1# of the Farseer Trilogy
480 pages
Published 1996 by Voyager

Greetings Brave Adventurers,

For a seasoned fantasy reader, this is the kind of story that folds around you like a big, warm, familiar fantasy blanket. It’s 90’s fantasy – the stuff I grew up on – and I enjoyed reading something older, that wasn’t mired in the gritty fantasy-realism that seems to be the current rage.

All the tropes are there; a young bastard prince whose life is in peril manifests a dangerous and powerful skill, a mysterious mentor, magic in the form of Skill and Wit, political machinations and personal vendettas, all set to the backdrop of a world in imminent danger of invasion.

Hobb tells a splendid tale – Fitz is likeable and sympathetic, and she holds back nothing on the treacherous path he takes to become an assassin. The story is well-woven and well told, precise and beautiful. This is everything you could want in a traditional epic fantasy tale.

10 out of 10 stealthy dragons

10 dragons


  1. The entire Realms of the Elderlings series is on my reading list in a month, mainly because I have an ARC of her forthcoming book and I’ve never read any of em 😀 Looking forward to it, and your review made me even more excited! Thanks!

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