Blink Fiction Competition: January


Greetings Brave Adventurers,

The idea of a bit of friendly competition has been brewing in my mind for a while now. And what better way to battle than with a slew of words.

I have therefore cunningly devised the following test of your skill and perspicacity, a blink fiction competition to test your literary prowess.

What is blink fiction, I hear you ask? Well, its flash fiction, only shorter. Blink fiction is a short story under 100 words. Sometimes under 50. Sometimes even under 10.

Sounds intriguing? Why not join in?

1) Competition is open for the month listed in the title
2) Word length for each month and a keyword which must be included in your story will be listed at the bottom of the blog post (do feel free to proffer suggestions)
3) Enter in the comments section, or you can email me your answer at
4) Work remains your own

Ok. So there’s no money prize, but you get:
1) Bragging rights about what an awesome wordsmith you are
2) Your entry added to the “Blink Fiction Hall of Fame” (new page on my site, with a blurb and link to your blog)
3) A guest post, or a blog-vert (promo for your blog on my site)
4) Its Fun! And its diverting! And writing short, short stories is good for you!


*Just a note that stories with a speculative fiction bent will probably get a teensy-weensy bit of judging bias…just putting it out there!


Please join in!


      1. You have good stuff. Thanks for the contest! First one I’ve ever entered, so to a new year filled with contest entries 😛

  1. Oh! This sounds like fun! Let’s give it a go shall we? (my first blink fiction!)
    Word Limit: 15
    Theme Word: Time

    “So this is it.” Castev stared at the arrow protruding from his chest. “Time’s up…”

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