World Building: Magic, Getting Started

Another great post on world-building, this time considerations for magic.

A month from Somewhere

worldbuilding: magic

I feel like I say “things to consider” in almost every post. Perhaps I’m a terrible writer, but either way, I know world building and in this post I shall impart some of the jewels in the crown that is; creating a brilliant magic system.




  • Origin
  • Capacity
  • Who?

First thing to work out is the origin of magic in the world. Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to say “it’s just there” but to better understand your own magic system there are a few questions you should answer that will help give your magic depth:

  1. Where did it come from? Do people know its origin?
  2. Who discovered it? – Was there an ancient wizard? A demi-god?
  3. How long have the races in your world been using it?
  4. Is it considered good or evil?
  5. Why is it considered good or evil?
  6. Does it come from something…

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