The Birth of Etheros

A great post about world building:

A month from Somewhere

world buildingI am a lot of things; graphic designer, illustrator, writer, game-designer, blogger (duh), but above all: I am a world builder. Most everything I create is driven by the desire to create new an interesting worlds as a setting for what I create. Over the next week or so I am turning this blog into a resource for all you other world-builders out there, and will be giving you bucket loads of tips and ideas to consider when building yourself.

So, what better way to start then talking briefly about the world where my debut high fantasy novel “Sword of Unity” [currently being edited] and Blogovella: Into the Firelands is set.

Etheros in a nut shell

Etheros is a continent on a planet named Rar’Orthon, though characters rarely leave Etheros. It is a relatively small place, and would take about four months travel from one side to the other, and…

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