Does being a Fantasy reader make you a book hoarder, or was I a hoarder to begin with?

Shelf space is not my friend.

Not only is most of my mind taken up with fantasy, so is my study, and most of my house. The bookshelves are packed, two deep in most places and groan ominously every time I add another novel to the pile. I often wander around the house, thinking of where I might be able to add another bookshelf, or how I can stack my books more efficiently to squeeze just one more novel in.

A small sample of my bookshelves. Neat but full!
A small sample of my bookshelves. Neat but full!

I promised my Knight I would not buy any more books. Then I was on gumtree and “stumbled across” someone selling a pile of fantasy novels (over 100). All the Malazan series. The Godless World. A huge selection of Feist (I’ve read quite a bit of his stuff but mostly borrowed or dodgy second-hand copies – these were like new). The entire collection of Dragonlance. How could I resist?

So now I have another 5 boxes of books in my garage, with nowhere to put them. Somehow I feel sorry for them, stuck out in my garage and not proudly displayed on a shelf. Silly huh?

Where on earth am I going to put these?
Where on earth am I going to put these?

My problem, I think, is the call of High Fantasy. These huge multi-volume epics just bring out the collector in me. Once you’ve spent the best part of 20 years collecting all 14 volumes of The Wheel of Time, how do you let them go? If I sell my collection of Eddings, it’ll take me forever to find all four series with the same covers as I have now. And that’s not even to mention unfinished series, like George R.R. Martin. I’ve GOT to hang on to all of them, until the series is finished, surely?

What do you do with your fantasy books? Are you a hoarder, like me? Or have you learned to let go?


  1. I learned to let go. Once. That consisted of moving the books into the basement where I didn’t have to see them anymore. Then, recently, I moved ’em all back up to a proud display.

  2. I used to hoard. Unfortunately after a lot of chopping and changing in recent years I had to cut down.
    I am just glad to say I kept my Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Ranger Apprentice books.

  3. I am convinced they are paired qualities. When I get my first official place, I fear it will consist exclusively of bookshelves, perhaps a bed if I am lucky.
    And I commend you for your conquest of four boxes of books, I think it was? Most impressive! I’m curious, though, of all these books you have acquired, and presumably read over the years, can you pick out a single favorite? Or favorites?

    1. Sounds like what my place would look like if it was up to me!

      Gosh, what a hard question to answer! Its almost like picking a favourite out of your kids, isn’t it – every series has its own merits and something which makes it special. I suppose I would put the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series up there as one of my favs. I know it does have quite a few flaws (annoying female characters, “dense” writing, ever-spawning baddies, and Jordan’s obsession with describing cleavage to name a few), but the series is just so…epic, its hard to go past it. It also holds a special place for me because I started reading the series way back in the early 90s with a group of school friends, so it holds a lot of nostalgia. What about you? What’s your favourite?

  4. I suppose you’re right! Though, when I have children, I will have to get back to you on the solidity of my agreement 🙂

    You have basically hit the nail on the head for me – The Wheel of Time Series has really inspired a great deal of my writing, and I feel like I become slightly more intelligent when I read it (with all the colorful descriptions and such). Granted, all the women seem to be stubborn, irrational creatures who enjoy to control men. But I find that a small misgiving.

    Besides The Wheel of Time, I feel quite partial to A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Both the Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire have intricate worlds in which to dive into, but I found, for me, it was much easier to dive into A Song of Ice and Fire and stay amused throughout the book (besides all the deaths of my favorite characters) than Lord of the Rings – whose details seem arduous at times.

    With all that said, I’m searching for a new obsession. Do you have any recommendations of well-written fantasy book series?

    1. Sorry for the long delay in responding. I had a family event all weekend, and have had interstate visitors taking over my house! I love George R.R. Martin too, although at times I find him too violent. I’m just about to start The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson – its a ten book series – wanna join me? One book a month?

  5. No worries! And did you? Okay, perhaps I have grown a touch insensitive to violent things, but I get squeemish around ghosts, so there is that. Absolutely! And I just checked, it is six dollars for Amazon kindle – great deal! (Not to mention, it is 666 pages, marvelous! The longer, the better.) My only problem is that I am taking a class in Germany for a few weeks after my spring semester concludes and might not complete the first book quite as quickly. So if that is alright with you, I’d love to proceed 🙂 sayy… first book done by late June?

    1. Awesome, and awesome! (To both the book reading and germany!) You will have so many cool locales in your head for your book after travelling in Europe.(I know I did). There’s nothing that compares for fantasy writers!

      1. Yes! I plan to walk around with pen and paper or a camera to take photos to write about on a later occasion (: where in Europe did you travel?

      2. I have been three times to Europe. The last time was for three months. We saw Paris, England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Italy. I have also been to Spain, Turkey, Greece and spent time in the south of France. Such an amazing place! Is this your first visit?

      3. Wow! You’ve been all over! Which was your favorite? Yes, the very first. We are only going to be in Germany; though, we will be traveling across the country.

    2. Hard to pick a favourite – the Croatian coast was amazing – these huge mountains just dropping into the sea and a tiny road clinging to the edge of the cliffs; but there is just something about Italy; and how do you go past standing on Hadrian’s Wall imagining those legions of soldiers; or imagine being toga-clad in the ruins of Ephesus…. You will love Germany too. Where in Germany are you going?

      1. I feel ill-versed on this topic! I don’t recall learning of Hadrian’s Wall, but I will certainly need to read up on it. Sounds lovely, though! We are going to be traveling basically the entire country, which is very exciting. Towards the end we will be visiting a castle – the preeminent aspect of our journey (:

      2. I love Roman history, its fascinating, and there’s some great historical fiction set in the era – ‘I claudius’ and ‘caesars wives’ spring to mind. So much scandal, and decadence!
        You’ll prob be heading to neuschwanstein (sp?) Castle. Its beautiful. Disney is said to have based their castle on its design. The King who built it was utterly mad, and nearly bankrupted the country building it (and had this crazy obession with swans- you’ll see) but it is remarkable – straight out of a dream.

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